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View a quick video demo about Lynx Photo Manager software program. Learn more about features, benefits & functionality.

Protect your images in a single database

Prevent your important visual records from being altered, copied, mislabeled, deleted or lost.

Have complete control & functionality over user access to control what features are available to each user or group.

Manage global rights, user rights & group rights all at your fingertips.  You dictate who you want to see your media & who may edit it.

Spend 20 minutes to transfer the same photos that usually take up to 8 hours

Give your field technicians a way to easily upload from on site into the secure database back at the home office via the internet. Reclaim precious bandwidth to make everyone more productive!

Link images to schedules, email, drawings, maps & other applications

Create simple hyperlinks that directly link images into documents, emails, maps, drawings or third party applications like Sharepoint, Meridian, Oracle, MS Project & Law Enforcement RMS.

Its simple to integrate Lynx with other software programs you are using while maintaining your original photo in a secure database.

Click on schedule to see sample hyperlink ie: grading work
link photos to email documents maps drawings

Link & share images to see work in progress on every project from anywhere

Save money, travel, time, redundant walk throughs by sending clients or subs photo hyperlinks.

Lynx interactive hyperlink samples

Keep clients updated automatically

Visually update clients -automatically- by allowing them to see ongoing work in progress project photos online.

View sample project photo link ie: sitework





Features                         Live Lynx Webinar 

Manage, communicate & share project photos using simple hyperlinks eliminating huge file attachments

Link images into emails, documents, maps, pdfs, drawings or any third party programs you may already use

Increase bandwidth speed & reduce disk space used up to 90%...compression reduces gigabytes to megabytes

Eliminate the need for folder/subfolder filing sytems for photo storage scattered across local & network drives

Gain faster access to images using a single secure database giving you quicker photo load time

Upload, tag & create your own custom search fields to find your photos easier when needed increasing efficiency

Categorize & archive photos for easy reference
Protect records from being lost, copied, altered or deleted

Mark up photos with red-line layers, create visual as-builts or punch-lists while keeping original photos safe & secure

Communicate ongoing work in progress with customers using dynamic hyperlink & automatic updates

Save time by using your PC or mobile to visually walk projects in real-time from anywhere at anytime

Better manage actual site conditions from day one to the present saving time, money & avoid costly legal claims

One in four projects have a claim
Protecting your photos is a priceless insurance policy

ROI - What is your Return on Investment?

Photo management simplified...
Save time & resources

See actual site conditions, visual as-builts, work in progress, critial paths, specific work disciplines & link photos to other applications.visually walk the job site from anywhere

Click to see hyperlink work discipline ie: plumbing

Mark-up photos to communicate what is needed while keeping orginals safe

Communicate visually what is going on at the jobsite at any given time, all while maintaining original photo integrity. Eliminate endless searching through folders & sub-folders of picture files scattered across your local, network or removable drives.

Click photo for sample markup, visual punchlist mark up job site photo create red line layer and punchlists

One in four projects has a claim

Document your actual site conditions with photos that can hold up against costly disputes.

Serious disputes are estimated to arise in 10-30% of all construction projects. One in four projects has a claim.

Avoid costly litigation issues when fingers start to point. When problems arise see exactly what occurred (where/when/by whom) saving countless man hours.

Lynx is a proven tamper-proof visual record system documenting the actual conditions of projects with photos that can hold up in court.

A secure photo documentation system is a priceless insurance policy.