Secure Construction Photo Management Software

Return on Investment

What is the ROI with Lynx Photo Manager?

The return on investment (ROI) is immediate with Lynx & will save your company money from day one.

Average construction rework costs are a minimum 3% & can be reduced by up to 70% when a good tamperproof QA/QC program is in place that is secure.

Lynx will typically save you $210K for every $10M spent on a project. Your savings would be $210K less your initial Lynx software price of $6K (initial cost) savings of $204K a $34 to $1 return, $34 ROI for every $1 spent. This is just on rework & deficiencies not to mention travel, communication, manhours, photo storage & maintenance, etc.
Go back in time with Lynx to any day or date range & "visually" walk the project when any discrepancy occurs to avoid claims & litigation situations. Average cost of a major construction claim on a $10M project is $1.25M less your initial Lynx software cost of $6K (initial cost) giving you a $1,244,000 savings. That means if Lynx prevents or helps you in just one major claim it has paid for itself over 207 times...a ROI of 207:1.*

You can catalog, index & file your images in 30 seconds with LynxPM what would take well over 30 minutes without it  -AND- upload your photos from site to home office, transferring in only 5 minutes what would normally take 4 hours. You'll also save money on server processing, increased bandwidth speed & reduce your disk storage space by up to 90%. Lynx will pays for itself in just a few months & easily saves you 20-30 hrs a month on average in productivity & manhours , a $2500-3000 savings...

* All figures based on Independent Zurich’s North American Insurance Company data/findings.


Save money & have peace of mind knowing you have a complete "x-ray" of your project with visual photo documentation from day one

Document your actual site conditions with photos that can hold up against costly disputes.

Serious disputes are estimated to arise in 10-30% of all construction projects. One in four projects has a claim.

Avoid litigation issues when fingers start to point. When problems arise see exactly what occurred (where/when/by whom) saving countless man hours.

One in four projects typically has a claim.

Lynx is a proven tamper-proof visual record system that documents the actual conditions of projects with photos that can hold up in court.

LynxPM is a secure photo documentation system,  a priceless insurance policy.