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Digital Evidence Software LYNXPM LLC with LAPD developed LYNX Enterprise digital evidence management software solution, along with input from police departments of all sizes across the country, to help simplify securely managing digital photos, video & audio evidence. LYNX Enterprise is an affordable software solution installed on your hardware that solves the problem of quickly importing, finding and controlling who can see what. LYNX Enterprise is simplifying importing photos, video or audio.

Tempe, AZ. — June 10, 2010 — LYNXPM, L.L.C. Receives Certificate of Networthiness from US Army NETCOM

LYNXPM, a leading provider of secure photo management software, is proud to announce today the receipt of the Certificate ofNetworthiness (CoN) from the U.S. Army Network Enterprise Technology Command (NETCOM) for Enterprise, (version 5.5).

The CoN is a requirement for all enterprise software products that operate in the Army Enterprise Infrastructure network. The Certificate of Networthiness earned by LYNXPM, L.L.C. (Enterprise version 5.5) requires compliance with rigorous standards established by the United States Army and involves in-depth testing against validated guidelines.It’s an indicator that LYNXPM, L.L.C. has met the Army’s highest standards for security, compatibility, and sustainability.

In addition to the U.S. Army, the CoN applies to all Army Reserve, National Guard, and Department of Defense organizations on the Army Enterprise Infrastructure network. "The Army Certificate of Networthiness is recognized as a benchmark for security, compatibility, and sustainability validation," said Robert Adams, President of LYNXPM, L.L.C.,” The receipt of the Army CoN is essential to our Army Corps offices and Department of Defense clients and provides further evidence of the quality of our products," he finished.The U.S. Army, as well as other government and private industry organizations, uses LYNXPM, L.L.C.’s Secure Photo Management Software solutions to manage, improve, and coordinate digital media world-wide while adhering to strict security guidelines to help improve compliance and risk management initiatives.

LYNXPM provides a comprehensive family of secure photo management (digital media) software products that will fit any budget.LYNX simplifies your digital media while allowing for secure communication. Our software saves hours of time uploading, managing and communicating this important documentation for all projectsWe give you the tools to help organize, improve and manage projects that are starting, in progress or complete.Our technologies support, simplify, and automate company’s digital media while delivering excellence in a controlled, centralized and collaborative manner. Whether eliminating redundant walk-thru’s or pointing out an emergency situation, LYNX is a must for all construction companies in all industries.LYNXPM provides the ability to leverage results, improvements and controls across all projects, resulting in an immediate return on investment.Press Contact Information: LYNXPM, L.L.C. 877-955-7711 ext. 83© 2010 LYNXPM, L.L.C.. All rights reserved.

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LYNXPM Enterprise is a user friendly and affordable software solution for securing digital photos, videos and digital audio. LYNX Enterprise stores 256-bit encrypted images on the users' Microsoft SQL server with unlimited user-defined templates, search fields and values. User-defined templates allow multiple departments (such as fire, police and code enforcement on the same Microsoft SQL server to share the software and cost. Users can search, view, print, mark up and share data securely with LYNXPM. Administrator controls access on what images or cases are available, and if available, what features can be utilized by individuals, since the administrator has user and group level control. Send a password protected slide show to share images with anyone, anywhere, anytime via disk, or email! Authenticates images every time they are viewed and provides tamperproof audit trail showing chain of custody from the time the image was taken with the camera up to current state. Networked solutions come with concurrent licensing.

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LYNXPM LLC Easily secures images, video and audio in high speed tamperproof database. Annotate with unlimited user defined criteria. Search, view, print, markup, and communicate images and data instantly while still controlling access on what images/cases users or groups can see including tamperproof audit trail showing chain of custody. features Lynx software

Lynx is proud to receive the Certificate of Worthiness (CON) from the USACE United States Army Corps Of Engineers Evidence Technology Magazine

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Police Chief Magazine features Lynx for Secure Photo Management