Secure Construction Photo Management Software

About Lynx

Lynx Photo Manager is a construction photo documentation & construction photo management software program offering software solutions for managing and hosting your own images & data in-house on your own equipment  -or-  as a hosted subscription service called LynxPM Online.

Lynx gives you the flexibility to manage your projects from anywhere and interface all of your photos with all current applications for easier communication with clients, subcontractors and owners.

Lynx has been around since digital cameras hit the market & digital technology as the perfect tool for construction project management.

Visual documentation is just as important than written documentation (if not more important) because it's not up for interpretation. 

If you can't find this important information months, sometimes years down the line, what good does it do you?

Lynx was designed by contractors, for contractors. There really is no comparison.

Lynx History & Mission Statement

LYNXPM LLC was acquired from TRF Systems by Mr. Robert Adams in 1999. After partnering with top-notch developers we re-wrote the entire program, keeping the functionality of the original LYNX program that users enjoyed.

Since then, we’ve moved from not only the construction industry but on to law enforcement agencies,  health care agencies, government offices, utility & energy companies.

Mr. Adams prides himself on customer satisfaction, his personal objective. He’s accommodated agencies like the Los Angeles Police Department, Fluor, Federal Bureau of Prisons, State Department, Veteran’s Affairs, CH2MHILL, Parsons and many others by listening to their needs.

More than 90% of our upgrades come from customers’ suggestions and he’s still listening. Its been rough the last couple of years for all agencies with fewer personnel, it’s harder to keep track of daily progress for everyone involved. LYNX is that tool and saves these companies time and money by virtually eliminating travel costs and expenses.

LYNX is a secure database so companies can feel safe knowing only the people they want to see their digital media can. When a large construction company was caught up in a multi-million dollar lawsuit, Lynx was proud that our product was used to prove exactly what happened and when.

"Storing your data in a secure, tamper-proof database makes sense. It’s virtually paper free, downloadable and completely digital…providing for a better environment and a better world.”

Robert Adams


Join the companies that have used Lynx!

Celebrating our 15th year in business!

We are proud to have served the needs of the many contractors, law enforcement agencies and utility companies that have had to depend on their written documentation for far too long. 

We saw the future of the construction industry and digital media, being in the construction industry for years before digital cameras were developed.

We knew what was missing...
secure photo management. 

When comparing photo management software companies we encourage you to  keep the following in mind:

Proven Track Record
LYNX has a long and successful history in the digital photo industry. We have been in the construction industry for over thirty years & saw the future of technology and digital images.

Lynx has been the only secure  photo management software company since digital cameras arrived on the market based solely for construction. 

Serious disputes are estimated to arise in 10-30% of all construction projects. One in four projects has a claim. Avoid costly litigation issues when fingers start to point by having a secure photo management solution.

Support & Customization
Digital photography has taken over all other forms of documentation. LYNX will continue to support your digital media needs in the years to come, changing as the industry changes. We’re constantly updating our program to keep up with the quickly changing technology. Customization is what LYNX is known for.

We're Listening
We are happy to take suggestions that will make your job easier and have lots of references from happy customers that will tell you the same thing!